Massage: Make a monthly appointment.

Did you just finish a stressful week at work? Over did it in the yard? Or are you an Athlete, or weekend warrior? Then a massage may be just what you need. For people coping with injuries or chronic pain, massage can serve as a form of alternative medicine, not just for relaxation. Nearly 1 in 10 people have used massage to treat their medical conditions.

We are in a time of advanced medicine, but sometimes impersonal medicine. Massage offers a drug-free, non-invasive approach based on the body's natural ability to heal itself. So what exactly are the benefits to receiving regular massage?

There are some contraindications for massage, so check with your Doctor or Massage Therapist before beginning treatment. Most Massage Therapists will have you fill out a Health History form to see if massage is right for you. Massage can also work in conjunction with your Doctor, Physical Therapist, or Chiropractor. So make that monthly appointment. Its good for the body.